[Samba] Adding samba users ?:/

Ketil Braun Larsen KetilL at it-college.dk
Fri Mar 14 18:00:46 GMT 2003

Hello world...

I have a problem, I have installed samba and I need to share some
I have defined the dirs 2 share etc etc etc.

I now want ad a user.

I need some help I have done some rtfm but cant seem to get it ..

I have tried to cat /etc/passwd > /usr/local/private/passwd 

But that dosent seem to work (I read it someplace that it whuld)

I imagen its because the hashes isent in the /etc/passwd (shadowd) or

Is there a add user samba tool ? .. wherei can do like this or somtnhing

#Smb-adduser username 
and then it meaby will ask for passwords or something....

anyway I hope you can help me.


Ps -axe |grep Ketil
79 ?        S      1:09 /usr/sbin/klogd -c 3 -x PWD=/
CONSOLE=/dev/console -x (Ketil Braun Larsen)

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