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> Thank you for your rapid answer, Tiago, but I suppose I don't well 
> explain my doubt.
> What I want is to share a subdirectory of home instead the 
> home itself. 
> In this manner, when a user try connect to his home 
> directory, he really 
> will connect with, by example, /home/user/subdir.
> I don't now if it's possible to do that in the [homes] section, or I 
> must create a new different section for every user.

if your clients-machines are Windows2000 or later, you could run a
net use <drivename>: \\server\homes\your_subdir via netlogon.cmd 
or even the local Startup-Folder without any changes to your samba-setup.

Maybe you could add a "path = /home/%u/subdir" to the [Homes] segment, 
dunno if this works, not even sure if the '%u' is the right variable.


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