[Samba] performance issues

Peter Carpenter peterc at osm.co.uk
Fri Mar 14 09:38:39 GMT 2003

Have you tried "deadtime = 15" or similar in your smb.conf?

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I have compiled and am running samba version 2.2.7.a on Redhat linux 7.3. I
am having some performance issues with it and was wondering if I was doing
something wrong.

I have noticed that if I use samba in security = server mode, every time a
new connection is made to the server from the same client a new smbd process
is started. It also seems as if the process only ends when the client
machine is rebooted.

When I use the server in security = user mode, every time a new connection
is made from a different client a new process is started. It also only seems
to kill the process when the client is rebooted.

I end up with a lot of processes running on the fileserver and sometimes the
machine locks up and complains about the max file limit being reached. I
have found a workaround by increasing the file-max value in /proc/sys/fs.

I was just wondering if there is a way to get the processes to die as soon
as the client disconnects from the server - maybe I have omitted something
when running the configure command??

I was also wondering if it is the default behaviour of samba to spawn new
processes every time a connection is made? Is it possible to change this

thanks in advance,

Mark Le Noury

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