[Samba] Samba for Windows? :P

Kuan Bartel kindredstar at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 14 04:37:26 GMT 2003

    just wondering if anyone had ever though about making a port of Samba 
for windows.  Now you may think "What's the point?"  Well I'll tell you if 
you had as much control over smb as you have with Samba then you wouldn't 
need it for windows.. but you don't.  Not unless you buy Windows 2000 Server 
or now 2003.  By porting Samba to Windows you could take control of your 
network easily setting up a wins server and domain controller and brows 
master.  All of which are things which are a pain in current windows 
versions.  A free port would be great for all of us who don't have the 
resources or even really the need for a large server solution but still need 
the core functionality which should be available already.

(If you can already do all that I ask then please tell me and save me my 
embaracement :P )


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