[Samba] Windows95 client does not get list of domain users

Emil Furniga Emil.Furniga at romtelecom.ro
Thu Mar 13 14:05:35 GMT 2003

I have a Slackware 8.1 with Samba 2.2.4 configured as PDC on my network.

I have a Windows95 client (OSR2, USB supplement) that can't get the list
of domain users for defining a share, I get the message:"You cannot view
the list of users at this time. Please again later"
Windows98 clients can get the list of users on the domain with no
problem, also WindowsNT workstations get the list in no time.

I'm sure it's a client problem, but please, maybe someone has faced this
problem before, and share your solution with me.

Thank you!

Emil Furniga.

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