[Samba] printer configuration issue

Jaap Grol samba at jagro.nl
Thu Mar 13 11:22:20 GMT 2003

> I've installed Samba 2.2.7a on my SuSE 8.1 system in an effort to
> persuade it to act as a print server on my LAN, which consists of it
> and 6 Windows desktops of various flavors.  Right away it seemed to
> allow file sharing and printing from DOS and became browsable from the
> Network Neighborhood, but I can't get it to print from Windows.  I
> keep getting a Status of "Access denied, unable to connect", even when
> simply trying to print a test page.  A perusal of the Samba logs has
> been inconclusive as has a poring through both Samba and SuSE
> documentation.  I'm guessing that it's a stupid permission or
> authentication configuration I've overlooked, but it's making me
> crazy!

I had the exact same problem and it cost me a full day to solve it but now it 

At first I had my printer connected to the Samba server using the lpd 
protocol, but that did not work at all. On my W2k clients I had the 'Access 
denied' problem all the time.
Then I went over to using CUPS for managing my printer and read some info on 
this issue.

Here are the sites I read that lead me to victory:

I copied the Adobe PS drivers to the mentioned location, ran cupsaddsmb and 
added the printer to the W2k client again. This time it worked.

Give it a try and success!


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