[Samba] root can print, users not

Tim Thaler tim.thaler at punkass.com
Thu Mar 13 07:53:45 GMT 2003


I have a Win2k client that should be able to print to a printer 
connected to a SuSE 8.1 Linux box.

The situation:

- 'root' is able to print from Win2k to the Linux, user 'tim' is not.
- Both, 'root' and 'tim' have their home directories visible and 
accessible on the Win2k.
- User acounts on Win2k and Linux are the same: 'root', 'tim'  with 
identical passwords on both machines.
- Both, 'root' and 'tim' have been added to the smbpasswd file.
- The smb.log file (level 10) has been filled with a load of messages I 
simply don't know how to interpret, but there is something like "access 
denied". I just can't figure why?
- The printer has been made browsable = yes and guest ok = yes
- The printer is visible to Win2k users; 'root' and 'tim'.

Does anyone have a good idea what else could be wrong that only 'root' 
is allowed to print but 'tim' is not?



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