[Samba] Re: SAMBA and native mode

Valter Dal Bo dalbo at tesco.it
Thu Mar 13 07:15:12 GMT 2003

Hi there !

Yes I have. Samba works just as fine in native mode than it does in
mixed mode.
Have you got samba installed on an SGI server ?
If so, have you noticed some _strange_ behaviours ?

Let me know.

Hswe, Barbara wrote:

>A few months ago you posted the following messages on the samba message board:
>""Hi all ! I've got Samba 2.2.2 installed on a SGI running IRIX 6.5.16 and PDC is a Win2000 in mixed mode. For security reasons the company I work for has to switch the win2000 installation from mixed mode to _NATIVE_ mode. Apparently (M$ sources say....), doing so it will not allow samba to work with Win2000 because samba advertises itself as beeing a NT4 xDC. Even though my Samba installation is NOT in any way a DC, could that compromize samba to work correctly ? Best Regards ""
>Did you find out if Samba is able to work in native windows 2000 even if the samba server is NOT a DC?

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