[Samba] Windows XP and plain text password

Kenny Mann Kennymann at cdrobot.com
Thu Mar 13 04:40:23 GMT 2003

I have yet to find samba for QNX with encpryption nor do I have the time
to port it.
If perhaps you know of a location (and I have tried google, although
only for a short search), I would be more than happy to listen however
that is the only method that I know.

BTW, IF someone enabled plaintextpassword's does that mean that ALL of
there passwords are plaintext or just any that can't be encrpyted?



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> On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 05:01, Kenny Mann wrote:
> > Samba built for OS's such as QNX do not have the encryption 
> > capability. You must have plain text turned on. Perhaps he 
> is in the 
> > same position.
> Why?  It's certainly not a code-size issue, as there are much 
> bigger parts of samba...
> It seems a pretty lame excuse for almost complete 
> incompatibility with out-of-the-box installations.
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