[Samba] Does the SWAT tool come with the Red Hat 8.0 distribution?

daniel.jarboe at custserv.com daniel.jarboe at custserv.com
Tue Mar 11 12:49:43 GMT 2003

> I was going to install SWAT, but am now diverting my attention to
> iupgrading my version of SAMBA due to the fact that SWAT won't install
> if you are running version 2.2.5 or less of SAMBA (dependencies).  I
> thought Red Hat 8 came with version 2.2.5 SAMBA? My first 
> question is,"
> how would I check the version of SAMBA already installed?"

If it is installed via rpm,
$ rpm -q samba

$ rpm -qa |grep '^samba-'
Will tell you the different samba packages you have installed (RH splits
them up... client, common, swat, etc

RH 8 came with samba-2.2.5-10
2.2.7-2 is available for 8.0 from redhat's updates site.

What version do you have, and what version of swat were you trying to

> Obviously, no matter what version I have, SWAT wantd me to 
> get the newer
> one before it will let me install SWAT.
> I got the samba-2.2.7a.tar.gz file from samba.org's mirror server and
> unzipped it. 
> I am wondering what step is next?
> I believe that i now need to run the command "sh makerpms.sh"
> (documentation says that this is for Red hat 5.5 which worried me a
> little).  HOwever, when i ran it, i got messages galore saying that
> certain directories did not exist.
> Before I do this, should I put the files in any place in particular?
> Right now I am running the command
> /shared/samba-2.2.7a/packaging/RedHat/makerpms.sh.

If you want to go with samba's RPMS vs. redhat's, samba has precompiled
RPMS available.  So you don't need to worry about the makerpms step, you
can just get prebuild RPMS for RH 8.0 from samba.org.  Instead of
splitting them up, they put everything into one RPM, so be sure to
remove the various redhat ones currently installed first.

> I read elsewhere in the file Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf in 
> the docs FTP
> folder on the samba.org website mirror that I need to run 
> "./configure"
> and the other commands to get it installed.
> Could anyone throw me some hints?
> Thank you!!!

That's if you don't want your samba software managed by rpm.  You should
stick with RPM's, makes upgrading/removing/etc much cleaner, in addition
to providing a reference for what files are installed, and where, and
what they are used for -qc, -qd, etc.

~ Daniel


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