[Samba] Explaination for file permissions

Adrian Chow Seng Yien chowadrian at i2r.a-star.edu.sg
Tue Mar 11 04:25:49 GMT 2003


I am confused about the file permission set.  I have samba compiled with ACL option.  Running Redhat 8.0 with ACL compiled and Samba 2.2.7.

I have created a read-only share /test/xyz and under "write list" put userA and userB in it.
UserA creates a file (test1) and under Windows I can see that only UserA owns that file and permissions is 660.
UserA and UserB are different in groups.
But when UserB logins, he can delete that file!  Why? 

If so, how can I set files or directories below the shared directory such that I have different user/group permissions for different file/directories and be sure that unauthorized user cannot just go in and delete the files?

**The read-only share directory /test/xyz is having permission 777 cos it is created by root and, UserA & UserB does not belong to same group as root.

I am deeply confused whether samba share permission overwrites file permissions...but very different from the documentation from o'reilly's.



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