[Samba] Red Hat 8 SAMBA docs esp. those for SAMBA since this a SAMBA list

David Jackson DJackson at floridaforms.com
Mon Mar 10 23:59:51 GMT 2003

Hi David,

Thanks for asking.  I too am an MCSE, but I don't think i have the patience,
experience, or understanding to actually teach the stuff although I am
fascinated by everything that is Linux.
Hey Linux Community, does that feeling for Linux ever fade?  Anyway, on with
the story...

Unforunately, I am slowly accumulating information about RHat 8.0 linux's
SAMBA much too slowly.

I only know of the www.samba.org site with its docs and the list that I am
posting this email to.
Also this link http://www-1.ibm.com/linux/links/index.shtml may be helpful
to you.
If anyone has any good sites or knows of any excellent books on this
subject, please post.
So far I have been using the Exam Cram Linux+ Guide and I personally think
it is almost worthless (my humble opinion anyway). It is way to general and
no SAMBA at all! Okay, the glossary glosses over what SAMBA does, but that
is it!

So far I have learned some commands like
mount -o username=username,password=password,workgroup=workgroup //service

and some text config files like smb.conf that need lots of tweaking to get
them right.

I have not gotten it working yet, but my error messages do change which
means I am at least making significant changes.


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Hi David,

	My name is David too and I saw your post on Samba.org.  I am an IT
Instructor and a MCSE.  I teaching Linux and looking to get my Linux plus
and Linux LPI certifications.  I have installed Redhat 8.0  on 3 servers and
one workstation in my classroom.  I am trying to set NFS running and set
Samba working with the Windows 2000 servers.  I got Samba running once, but
I am looking for an easier way of doing it.  What sources of help are you
getting and maybe we can share some info.  I live in Raleigh, NC and right
near the Redhat headquarters.


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