[Samba] Samba with winbind setup but some glitches

Sheldon, Jason JSheldon at smithcarter.com
Mon Mar 10 23:17:17 GMT 2003

Hello there!  
After much trial and error, scouring the net and books for samba
setups/faqs/resources, etc - I seem to have Samba setup with winbind more or
less correctly - There seems to be a couple bugs though.
The goal is to have a windows workstation-like Linux box to access the NT
4.0 domain.  Logging into the Linux box (physically) with domain user
accounts, accessing domain printers, shares, and other windows boxes'
I can login to my linux box with a Domain user name using Domain+Username,
and password.. but i get a 
id:  cannot find name for group ID 10000
though it seems to log me in okay, creates a home share under
i can lookup any netbios name on my lan alright, and view the shares, but if
i startup X, open konqueror (KDE) and type 
smb://pc101 (or whatever netbios name) i get a prompt for Username and
Password (even though i'm already logged in as a domain user).  Fine, i
enter the username and password, then konq lists the shares on that machine
(correctly!) - i attempt to open a share that i know i have access to with
this login name (from normal windows machines) - and it asks again for my
username and password..i enter it, the prompt goes away and it just hangs
there like it's trying to load the list of files on that share... (the
sprocket is turning in the browser, but nuthin's goin on)...
Also> I can't access the public folder on the Linux box from windows
machines, but I suspect that has to do with the way that the public share in
smb.conf is setup...
I can post every single step of my samba/winbind/pam config if needed - I
was hoping someone might know off the top of their head where these errors
are coming from...
Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can offer!  
Jason Sheldon

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