[Samba] WAS: XP home -> Samba NOW: Must be other networking issues...

Mark Brodis fj40rockcrawler at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 18:36:41 GMT 2003

Thank you to all who helped me with this problem.  I am now convinced
the problem is not just something wrong in the smb.conf file, but must
be more of a port deny issue or something.

Couple of questions:

Do all XP computers (including XP home?) need the 'plain-password-hack'
to talk to a Samba server?  Remember XP Home is different than XP Pro,
XP Home can not join a domain, more like Win95/98.

I installed RedHat 8.0 with a "custom" setup and "medium" security,
anyone know if that would cause this problem of not talking Netbios on
the network?  Where would I look for blocked ports, I would think
/etc/services, but those entries look normal, don't have anything
obvious they are blocked.

Interesting I added the Samba server's IP/name to my hosts and lmhosts
file on my XP Home computer, now I can see it, ping it by name
(couldn't before), but I have lost all the other computers in my
workgroup, I can still ping them by name, but they don't immediately
showup in the workgroup...odd.

For our purposes static IP's would be fine, just something to get it to

I also added a account on the Samba server called "Mark", (already had
one called "mark"), I'm guessing Windows would export my username as
"Mark" with a capital "M", that's probably what it's setup as.  Maybe
that helped slightly also.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Brodis
fj40rockcrawler at yahoo.com

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