[Samba] Re: WAS: XP home -> Samba NOW: Must be other networking issues...

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Mar 10 18:58:46 GMT 2003

 > Do all XP computers (including XP home?) need the 'plain-password-hack'
 > to talk to a Samba server?  Remember XP Home is different than XP Pro,
 > XP Home can not join a domain, more like Win95/98.

As far as I know, no XP machines, or 2k or 98 need it for that matter. 
I haven't used that reg key in quite some time.  Definately not with any 
recent versions of samba, like 2.2.7, the one in RH8.  It's a server 
side requirement, that being that the server you're running defines 
whether or not you need it.  Make sure to turn encrypted passwords on in 

 > anyone know if that would cause this problem of not talking Netbios on
 > the network?

Most likely, not 100% sure but I'm confidant that this isn't in the 
'safe protocol list'

 >Where would I look for blocked ports, I would think
 > /etc/services, but those entries look normal, don't have anything

/etc/sysconfig/iptables.  This file is cryptic and I believe backwards 
in the sense you're looking for.  That is, everything is blocked unless 
explicitly allowed.  Look for a config applet, I'm sure there is but I 
write my own firewall rules file so I'm not sure.  You can either allow 
137/139 or if you're running a router box, just set allow all on the 
internal interface.

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