[Samba] Locked files that stay open after a PC crash

Илья Шипицин ilia at chel.skbkontur.ru
Mon Mar 10 08:30:01 GMT 2003

> Hi,
> How should you deal, as an administrator/root, with
> locked files that stay open after a PC crash and the
> user can't access them any more.
> For example:
> The PC crashes and the user restart. MS-Outlook
> complains that it can't open its outlook.pst file,
> that is on a samba share, with the proper read/write
> access and the user can't get any mail.
> As root you do a smbstatus -u and you see that there
> are 2 smb processen for this user and the old one has
> the outlook.pst file exclusively. root kill's the
> old smb process but smbstatus -u still shows the
> outlook.pst file as open and the user can't get is.
> What is the proper procedure to resolve this situation?

That could depend on the OS You are using.
When we used Win95, We encountered the same problem as You describe.

Later, we migrated to WinNT, we do not see that problem since that :)

Also, that problem may appear in mixed Win9X/NT/XP environments.

... and also you may want to tune registry for proper support of oplocks.

> Best regards, Kees
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