[Samba] Locked files that stay open after a PC crash

Kees Damen kees.damen at bronswerk.nl
Mon Mar 10 08:24:22 GMT 2003


How should you deal, as an administrator/root, with
locked files that stay open after a PC crash and the
user can't access them any more.

For example:

The PC crashes and the user restart. MS-Outlook
complains that it can't open its outlook.pst file,
that is on a samba share, with the proper read/write
access and the user can't get any mail.
As root you do a smbstatus -u and you see that there 
are 2 smb processen for this user and the old one has
the outlook.pst file exclusively. root kill's the
old smb process but smbstatus -u still shows the 
outlook.pst file as open and the user can't get is.

What is the proper procedure to resolve this situation?

Best regards, Kees

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