[Samba] Password synch

Andrew Greenhill agreenhi at postoffice.utas.edu.au
Mon Mar 10 13:34:43 GMT 2003

Thanx for all the help with the last problem. Ended up being a simple
missing line (domain logons = yes) that was causing all the problems.
Two other little quirks that have cropped up. One, which is really the
big one, I seem to have trouble synchronising the windows and unix
passwords. Windows complains that the user name / password is wrong.
Would this have something to do with Windows doing something to the
password? (BTW, I'm using a mixed-client domain with win 98 and 2000
machines. This happens on both.)
The second thing is that Win 2K wants to set H: to logon home. Any way
around this?
Thanks for all your help. 

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