[Samba] Automagic creation of user a/c & homedir when I creat e a NT domai n user (???)

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at saugov.sa.gov.au
Sun Mar 9 23:06:49 GMT 2003

>Has anybody got a script that auto-creates a linux user (...& 
>hence a Samba
>home dir) when a user a/c is created on the M$ DC? eg, the way 

Have a look at the "useradd script" parameter, we use it here for
a Samba box which is a member of the NT domain.  All our data is
stored on the Samba box and drives are mapped to it in the logon
script.  All we do is create a user on the NT PDC and when the user
logs on for the first time the user is created on the Samba box via
the useradd script which creates a user, their home directory etc 
etc.  It works extremely well and you're only limited by your imagination
as to what you can do with the script.

smb.conf (global):
add user script = /home/samba/smbscripts/newuser.sh %u



# create user
/usr/sbin/useradd -n -d /dev/null -s /bin/false -g 100 $1

# create user directory & change permissions
mkdir -m 1770 /home/samba/users/$1
chown $1.g-users /home/samba/users/$1

# create files subfolder & change permissions
mkdir -m 1770 /home/samba/users/$1/files
mkdir -m 1770 /home/samba/users/$1/files/Documents
mkdir -m 1770 /home/samba/users/$1/files/Email
mkdir -m 1770 /home/samba/users/$1/files/Templates
chown -R $1.g-users /home/samba/users/$1/files

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