[Samba] My Network Places

maq maraqas at libero.it
Sat Mar 8 18:46:32 GMT 2003

Hi all,	i am sorry for this question being so trivial, perhaps.
Have a Linux box running Samba 2.2.5. The Linux box has three
eth cards, each of which connected to a different subnet:

eth0 ---> 192.168.0.x
eth1 ---> 192.168.1.x
eth2 ---> 192.168.2.x

The Linux Box eths have this kind of address: 192.168.x.254,
and the win2k clients have this other kind: 192.168.x.1.
The clients belong to Workgroup CGROUP and the server to
the SGROUP. I was forced to set a different WG name in order
to make the network working.
Enabled Wins support even. Well i can reach any of the clients 
from any other using the netbios name, can connect to the smb
server, but in My Network Places i can only see the client
i'm on in that moment.

Would appreciate very much any solution, and if no solution there 
actually is, just an explication!!



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