[Samba] changing ip

Roland Thompson roland at thompson.name
Sat Mar 8 15:36:59 GMT 2003

How would I go about doing that?

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Try clearing the wins cache if you are using one

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> I require some advice.
> I've had samba running nicely for a couple of months, however I needed
> to change the ip addresses for my network. Since changing the ip
> addresses, whenever I start WinXp and log on it takes about 3-4 mins
> log on. Also when I try to browse using windows explorer I sometimes
> have to wait 3-4mins, then I get the same delay when logging off.
> If I use dos though and change to the samba drive it works straight
> away.
> I'm running Samaba 2.2.7a on RH8.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction. I've not modified anything
> else but the ipaddresses (Samba is now on, my client is
> When I finally do manage to be able to browse the drive (share), it
> seems fine, until I come back maybe 20mins l8r, then I get the delay
> again.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks
> Roland
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