[Samba] changing ip

Roland Thompson roland at thompson.name
Sat Mar 8 15:15:34 GMT 2003

I require some advice.
I've had samba running nicely for a couple of months, however I needed
to change the ip addresses for my network. Since changing the ip
addresses, whenever I start WinXp and log on it takes about 3-4 mins to
log on. Also when I try to browse using windows explorer I sometimes
have to wait 3-4mins, then I get the same delay when logging off.
If I use dos though and change to the samba drive it works straight
I'm running Samaba 2.2.7a on RH8.
Can anyone point me in the right direction. I've not modified anything
else but the ipaddresses (Samba is now on, my client is

When I finally do manage to be able to browse the drive (share), it
seems fine, until I come back maybe 20mins l8r, then I get the delay

Any help appreciated.



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