[Samba] Win2k, Domain logon, permissions

Kurt Weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Sat Mar 8 08:05:32 GMT 2003

Brock Nanson schrieb:
> I first asked this question at the end of October, got a response which
> didn't solve the problem, and have finally got back to the issue now.

there where the same problem with excel/winword files anywhere, i think 
there should be much to read in the archives :-(

> -I can view the directory and see the temporary file in it, called
> $cvp$tp.dwg.
> -Allowing the command to complete, the file is removed as it should be.

to find out, where the problem lies, please try
"oplocks = no"
afterwards u can try
"dos filetime resolution = yes"
"dos filetimes = yes"

LanDevelopment Desktop seems to use more threads, and one does not know, 
what the other does. ('cause, there's running very much arx applications.)
did u look to the autodesk hompage too? (maybe thats an issue, which 
appears on w2k servers too...)

> As can be seen with the share definition above, I did try changing from
> my original owner/group setting of 'nobody, nobody' to the real owner
> and the 'autocad' group.  My logic was that perhaps AutoCAD wanted to

i don't think, that it's a permission problem, we're using AutoCAD, 
Architectual Desktop and Mechanical Desktop on Samba and on w2k servers 
without ( ;-) ) problems...

> The only thing I stumbled upon that might help someone suggest a
> solution was that killing and restarting the samba daemons after the
> win2k box had opened the main drawing file will allow the command to
> complete!  The main drawing throws an error when you next try to save

please report if/which switches had sucess.

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