[Samba] Win XP-home connecting to Samba, ahhh, please help!

Jim Wharton creole3 at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 8 00:20:49 GMT 2003

Ok... let's change that security=share to security=user. Turn encrypt
passwords to yes and take note of which user you are signing on to WinXP and
Win2000 with. From the sounds of things you probably have Windows
automatically signing on... just because you don't enter a password, doesn't
mean that you don't have one. You need to go to the linux box and do a
useradd 'winusername' where winusername is the username used to logon to
Win2000/WinXP. Then do a smbpasswd -a 'winusername'. Also, for sanity sake,
change your workgroup to match your windows workgroup.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask

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> I'm about ready to pull my teeth out over this.  I just installed Red
> Hat 8.0, have not used Linux much in the past, which is why I went with
> Red Hat, sposeto be easier, more support etc.
> The network the Linux box resides in has 2 WinXP-home computers, and a
> Win200 Pro computer.  They are all sharing all files, no passwords, no
> domain, just a workgroup called "ESR".
> I just want the Linux computer to be able to be seen on the network,
> and copy/move files freely around on it and others.  I can see the
> Windows computers from the Linux box just fine, connect to shares, etc.
>  But from the Windows computers the best I've done is I can see the
> Linux computer sometimes, rarely, I can never access it, if I even
> click on it in Windows it will time-out and say that network resource
> can not be found.
> I have tried every "general purpose" smb.conf file I can find on the
> Internet, usually with different workgroup names, so I can see when the
> Windows computers sees the new workgroup, however, I have yet to ever
> be able to see the Linux computer under any of the new workgroups, even
> clicking on the new workgroup ends up timing out and saying it can't
> find that network resource.  Ahhhhh, so you see the frustration!
> I have gone through the smb.conf file about 100 times, trying different
> options, turning others off, absolutely nothing has helped.  I tried to
> use the SWAT config tool, however that isn't available for Samba 2.2.5
> apparently, which is what shipped with RH 8.0.  I am downloading 2.2.7
> now but if I can't get this working, why think I can get 2.2.7 working.
> So, any help would be appreciated, currently this is my
> '/etc/samba/smb.conf' file:
> [root at localhost samba]# more smb.conf
> [global]
> workgroup = HOME_1
> server string = Samba Server
> netbios name = linuxbox
> hosts allow =
> security = share
> smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
> [temp]
> guest ok = yes
> guest only = yes
> guest account = ftp
> path = /tmp
> writeable = yes
> [root]
> guest ok = yes
> guest only = yes
> guest account = ftp
> path = /root
> writeable = yes
> With the above file as my smb.conf file, in the WinXP-home computers, I
> can see the workgroups 'HOME_1', but if I click on it to see any
> computers in it, it'll time-out and then just say the network path was
> not found, you might not have permission, etc...the WinXP computer I'm
> testing this on has a IP of '', the Linux box has a IP of
> (I added that in the file thinking it might help,
> didn't).
> So any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  I'm definetly not a Linux
> experienced user, and proving that every second now.
> Feel free to e-mail me directly.
> Thanks,
> Mark Brodis
> fj40rockcrawler at yahoo.com
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