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oops monitor monitor at oops.co.at
Fri Mar 7 16:27:04 GMT 2003

Hi, Rick Segeberg,

Thursday, March, 6th 2003 you wrote:

RS> I'm curious to what people are using for backing up their samba servers.
RS> Here's are some specs to consider:
RS> - 1TB (yes, that's terabyte) of data
RS> - multiple servers backup to one tape drive connected to a server
RS> (preferably a linux system)
RS> - using an autoloader (in this case, an HP 1/9 LTO system)
RS> - need to be able to backup daily changes and/or changes since last full
RS> backup

Use amanda (www.amanda.org).

It fulfills all your listed wishes ;-)
And itŽs free.

Greets, Stefan.

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