[Samba] Strange Problem with user disappearing - Winbindd/Samba 2.2.7 - Debian 3.0

Gareth Davies gdavies at willowbrook.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 11:21:39 GMT 2003

I'm having a strange problem which hasn't seemed to have occured before.

I have Winbind working fine with shares

Samba Version 2.2.7a

Machine is Linux Debian 2.4.18-686-smp #1 SMP Sun Apr 14 12:07:19 EST 2002
i686 unknown

Every now and then 1 user totally disappears from the mapping meaning he
can't access any shares on the machine (the minimum requirement on all
shares is @"Domain User"

I verify the disappearance using "groups DOMAIN+username" and when he's gone
it says as expected

id: DOMAIN+username: No such user

I checked a random bunch of about 5 other users and they came up ok.

I tried again about an hour later and I could see his username again.

I really don't understand what is happening here and how to troubleshoot
this but it is worrying me and if he can 'disappear' I don't see why other
users can't in the future.

Any ideas of where I should start or possibilities of what is happening are



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