[Samba] Migration from WindowsNT to Samba

Tiago Cruz tiago at grupoking.com.br
Fri Mar 7 11:16:43 GMT 2003

Kaixo! :-)

Em Sex, 2003-03-07 às 05:47, JaS at codan.com escreveu:
> I have gone through all, that you suggest, already.
> My problem is when I copy the files, I want the ownership of the files
> preserved. When I copy the files, as it is now, the user copying the files
> are set as owner. This is not, what I want. I want the original owner to
> own the files after copying. And I'm not talking about files in personal
> shares, it is the public and group shares with several possible file
> owners.
> Jacob
> btw. Linux ownership is not that different from NT ownership - file and
> group permissions are

Here in the company I used cp of the Linux, but a strange thing

In the Windows 2000 Server, I have a 13 GB of data, where some are
compressed by windows and some zipados.

But this 13 GB NTFS "it did not fit" in the 20 GB EXT3 of Red Hat 8.0!!

It will be that what I made (to use cp of linux) it was made a mistake?
The correct way is to use scopy of windows? 

Thanks in advance

Tiago Cruz

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