[Samba] Drive mappings disappearing

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Wed Mar 5 23:15:37 GMT 2003

strange you should mention that....about 1 in every 100+ logins, the
H: drive disappears from students in the labs. we're using 2.2.7a and

it without any rhyme or reason. H: is their logon drive, so their profile
is also written there. funny thing is their profile will get written back
no problem when they log off...if they log back on, it's there and will
stay there....

if when it happens you look at net use, it will be gone....if you try to
net use it back in line, it says the drive is already connected, but my
computer and explorer proper cannot see it.

this never happens in 2000 with any of our samba servers, so I'm
attributing it to some strange behaviour of XP...


On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Sutto Zoltan wrote:

> Hi to all!
> I have another problem related to samba (2.2.7 on RedHat 7.3). Some users
> reported me that drive mappings are disappearing. I have enabled Reconnect
> at Log-On option every time when a Drive mapping was created.
> Any idea, suggestion?
> Thanx
> Zoltan Sutto
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