[Samba] Problems with samba_3.0alpha21 and W2k-Server

Jens Nie Jens.Nie at uos.de
Wed Mar 5 19:14:33 GMT 2003

Hi everyone.

I have a problem at my company where i want a linux box to authenticate at our 
companies W2k-Server and offer some user home direcories as shares to the 
windows-network. Authentication works well using winbind so every user known 
to the W2k-Server can log into the machine. I have modified the necesary 
files in pam.d for this. Unfortunately when the winbind daemon is running the 
shares are not accessible from the windows network. When stoping the winbind 
daemon the shares are visible and the users homedirectories are usable. So 
there seems to be some destructive interference between samba and winbind, 
both taken from a precompiled samba-3.0alpha21 rpm for SuSE 8.1 that i found 
in the people directory tree on suses ftp-server. So as you already have 
guessed the linux-Box is a SuSE 8.1-System. Any ideas on this? I can give 
some more information if the problem is not obvious, but let's try it this 
way first.


Jens Nie

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