[Samba] installing printerdriver without being admin under NT

Nicki Messerschmidt, Linksystem Muenchen GmbH samba at alienn.net
Thu Mar 6 17:25:07 GMT 2003

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Jesko Schneider wrote:
> i have NT and Windows 2000 Client served by a Samba PDC. This PDC is
> also CUPS-Printingserver. Now i up loaded the windows printing driver
> to the Samba-server into the print$ share.
> Under Windows 2000 i can download/install the driver with every
> PDC-account by clicking on the printershare, under Windows NT i need
> to be in the local administration group.
> Is there any possiblity to it under NT , which will give me the same
> opportunity like win2000 ? ( = download/install the driver with every
> PDC-account without being in the local admin group ???)
As far as I rember this is not possible, because in Windows NT 4 the
printer drivers are still kernel space und no normal user account has
the permissions to install printer drivers. In Windows 2000 this
"bug/feature" has been circumvented by moving the printer drivers to
user space... 
I think want you want is not possible, but I may be way off mark her...


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