[Samba] Expire Password -> Which is half the most easy one?

Tiago Cruz tiago at grupoking.com.br
Wed Mar 5 16:40:48 GMT 2003

Hello lists...
forgives to be insisting on this subject...  :-(

I would like to know which I am half the most easy one to obtain to
expire the passwords of the users of samba... :-)

"If you set 'obey pam restrictions = yes' and setup the correct PAM
configuration files, then Samba will also honer this.  You should also
set 'unix password sync = yes' and 'pam password change yes' so that the
password changes update the PAM backend too."
"Your two options are to use PAM, or to use Samba 3.0alpha and pdb_ldap.
In pdb_ldap, you want to set the 'pwdMustChange' attribute to 0." 
(Andrew Bartlett)

Good people, would like that they thought which is the way most easy to
make this for a person who understands of SAMBA but she does not
understand of LDAP and nor of PAM...

My net is small simple e (~60 machines) and will only use RH 8,0 for
server of archives (ok), PDC (ok) and PostgreSQL (ok) in the place of a

Very obliged for the attention

[ ]'s

Tiago Cruz
Org. King de Contab. S/C Ltda.
Linux User #282636

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