[Samba] Samba-3.0alpha22 available on samba.org mirrors

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Mar 5 15:32:29 GMT 2003

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We've just posted another snapshot of the SAMBA_3_0 cvs tree
for download.  This is a non-production release provided for
testing only. 

The source code can be downloaded from :


The uncompressed tarball and patch file have been signed
using GnuPG.  The Samba public key is available at


Binary packages for RedHat have been released and can be
found at


Others will be available as they are submitted by volunteers.

A simplified version of the CVS log of updates since 3.0alpha21 
can be found in the the download directory under the name
ChangeLog-3.0alpha21-alpha22.  The release notes follow.

As always, all bugs are our responsibility.

                                  The Samba Team

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

                  WHATS NEW IN Samba 3.0 alpha22
                           4th March 2003

This is a pre-release of Samba 3.0. This is NOT a stable release.
Use at your own risk.

The purpose of this alpha release is to get wider testing of the major
new pieces of code in the current Samba 3.0 development tree. We have
officially ceased development on the 2.2.x release of Samba and are
concentrating on Samba 3.0. To reduce the time before the final Samba 3.0
release we need as many people as possible to start testing these alpha
releases, and hopefully giving us some high quality feedback on what needs

Note that Samba 3.0 is not feature complete yet. There is a more
coding we have planned, but unless we get what we have done already more
widely tested we will have a hard time doing a stable release in a
reasonable time frame.

Major new features:
- -------------------

- - Active Directory support. This release is able to join a ADS realm
  as a member server and authenticate users using LDAP/kerberos.

- - Unicode support. Samba will now negotiate UNICODE on the wire and
  internally there is now a much better infrastructure for multi-byte
  and UNICODE character sets.

- - New authentication system. The internal authentication system has
  been almost completely rewritten. Most of the changes are internal,
  but the new auth system is also very configurable.

- - new filename mangling system. The filename mangling system has been
  completely rewritten. An internal database now stores mangling maps
  persistently. This needs lots of testing.

- - new "net" command. A new "net" command has been added. It is
  somewhat similar to the "net" command in windows. Eventually we plan
  to replace a bunch of other utilities (such as smbpasswd) with
  subcommands in "net", at the moment only a few things are

- - Samba now negotiates NT-style status32 codes on the wire. This
  improves error handling a lot.

- - better w2k printing support including publishing printer
  attributes in active directory

- - new loadable RPC modules

- - new dual-daemon winbindd support for better performance

- - support for migrating from a Windows NT 4.0 domain

- - support for establishing trust relationships with Windows NT 4.0
  domain controllers

Plus lots of other changes!

Reporting bugs & Development Discussion
- ---------------------------------------

Please discuss this release on the samba-technical mailing list or by
joining the #samba-technical IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.

If you do report problems then please try to send high quality
feedback. If you don't provide vital information to help us track down
the problem then you will probably be ignored.

Changes in alpha22:
- -------------------

  Added Parameters

  * client NTLMv2 auth
  * client lanman auth
  * client signing
  * client use spnego
  * max reported print jobs
  * msdfs proxy

 See cvs log for SAMBA_3_0 for complete details.  There are many
 smaller numerous changes that would clutter the release notes.

1)  remove the global_myname string and replace with wrapper function
2)  create vfs/ and pdb/ subdirectories for library installs
3)  Fixup of ordered cleanup of get_dc_list()
4)  Added more autoconf tests for Stratus VOS
5)  Fixed nasty bug where file writes with start offsets in the
    range 0x80000000 -> 0xFFFFFFFF would fail as they were being cast
    from IVAL (uint32) to SMB_OFF_T (off_t or off64_t, both *signed*
    types).   The sign extension would cause the offset to be treated
    as negative.
6)  Add support to automatically retrieve the dns host name and domain
    name of an AD server
7)  Add support for PRINTER_INFO_7 and publishing printer attributes
    in active directory
8)  Fix for 64 bit issues with oplocks and allocation size
9)  Remove assert(count ==1) for multi-homed PDCs when resolving
10) Ensure that change_trust_account_password() always talks to
    the PDC
11) Add some docs on CUPS printing
12) Fix rpcclient querygroup command
13) The _abs time functions should not be converting from/to GMT
14) Fix broken incremental tar in smbclient
15) Adding supporting code for better testing using Valgrind
16) Fix for old DOS client when veto files is set to /.*/
17) Add win32 utility to query driver capabilities to publish
18) Fix memory leak when constructing an driver_level_6 structure and
    no dependent files
19) Add some friendly versions of NT_STATUS codes
20) Protect nmbd against malformed reply packets
21) Removal of unpopular winbind client environment variable
22) Add msdfs proxy functionality; a CIFS share can directly be a
    stand-in for another share, and when clients connect to the first
    share, they will be redirected to the proxied share
23) Make Samba compile cleanly with -Wwrite-strings
24) Add new timegm() that actually works on solaris
25) Add support for running smbd, nmbd, & winbindd under the daemontools
26) Move user password changes into the NTSTATUS era, and add support
    for the 'min password age' and 'min passwd len' concepts
27) Add new gencache based namecache code
28) Add profiles utility support to Samba 3.0.x
29) Fix open problem with changing attributes on an existing file
30) Efficiency fixes for internal messaging system
31) Make sure to update print queue cache during timeout_processing()
    to send notify events
32) Make -i flag work like it did in 2.2
33) Merge some rpcclient and net functionality from HEAD
34) Add support for compiling with Heimdal kerberos libraries
35) Connect to the actual netbios name in smb.conf and not LOCALHOST
36) Add support for CUPS-PRINTER_CLASS
37) Add ntlm_auth tool and update NTLMSSP support
38) require Autoconf 2.53 and remove configure from CVS
39) Check for too many processes *before* the fork
40) Fix delete on close semantics to match W2K.
41) merge desired_access for open_printer_ex from HEAD, allowing
    cupsaddsmb to work again!
42) Add support for dynamic RPC modules
43) wrap all cm_get_XX calls and their subsequent requests in a retry loop
    in case we've temporarily lost connection to the DC. Makes winbindd
    more reliable
44) Optimize user_ok() and user_in_group() when verifying group membership
45) Add NTLMv2 client code (that works) and some SMB signing fixes
46) Add caching of PRINTER_INFO_2 structures to open printer handles
47) Add 1/3 second delay in OpenPrinter() reply to trigger a LAN/WAN
    optimization in Windows 2000 clients
48) Add "WinXP" to the possible values of the %a variable
49) Fix to allow blocking lock notification to be done rapidly (no wait 
    for smb -> smb lock release). Adds new PENDING_LOCK type to lockdb 
    (does not interfere with existing locks)
50) Limit the unix domain sockets used by winbindd (also solves FD_SETSIZE
    problem in winbindd to boot !). Adds a "last_access" field to winbindd
    connections, and will close the oldest idle connection once the number
    of open connections goes over WINBINDD_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_CLIENTS 
    (defined in local.h as 200 currently)
51) Limit the number of print jobs returned in EnumJobs()

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