[Samba] Acces Denied to shared printer on linux using Windows XP

Tim Kubricht kubricht at houston.oilfield.slb.com
Tue Mar 4 22:10:36 GMT 2003

       I had a similar problem last week from Windows 2000 & Windows NT:  I 
did not receive your
       smb.conf file so you can look at the info below to see if it matches.

       Also See the message from Stephen below in regards to the "use 
client driver = yes" option.
       You may be able to print even though the printers window shows
                            "Access denied, Cannot connect to printer"
       I do not have Windows-XP to test this But this might fix your problem

       From man smb.conf  I did a search for "/use client" which stats that 
if you do not upload printer
       drivers into samba then you will get the access denied, unable to 
connect message in the printer
       queue window even though jobs may successfully be printed.  And it 
says that
       "disable spoolss = yes" does the same behavior as the "use client 
driver = yes" option.

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From: Stephen Carville <stephen at totalflood.com>
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  unable to connect message.
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I had the same problem after upgrading to 2.2.7.  You have to add:

use client driver = yes

Either globally or for the individual printer share.

Read the section on the above in the man page for smb.conf for an

On Wednesday 19 February 2003 07:35 pm, Tim Kubricht wrote:
 > Hi,
 >       I hope this is the right list to submit this request to
 >       I have the following problem with samba 2.2.2 that I upgraded
 > samba 2.2.7 to try to see if the problem
 >       would go away. But I still have the following problem:
 >           When I open the Start->Settings->Printers window
 >           It shows the printers that I have connected to from the
 > print server  printer_name on samba_ip_address
 >           It shows <opening>  at 1st then changes to <access denied,
 > to connect>
 >           and never shows the ready message that I used to get from
a samba
 > 1.9.15p8 server that I updated.
 >           * Can someone help me to get rid of the access denied
 > from the Printers window?
 >       The following is what I have:
 >              My OS is Solaris 8 my PCs are either WinNT4 or Win2000
 >              I have set up smb.conf as you can see below
 >              With it I can use dos to run net view and it works as
 >              I can open Network Neighborhood and find my samba print
 > and it will list all the printer shares
 >              along with the Printers folder. If I double click the
 > folder:
 >              I can get a list of all the printers and the number of
 > documents that are currently being printed on each
 >              printer and If I double-click on a specific printer I
can get
 > the name of the job and person that is printing
 >              on the queue.   This works as expected.  I did not see
 > error in any of the Archives or the troubleshooting
 >              section that I found or in any of the 3 books I have.
I need
 > your expertise in solving this feature.
 > Thanks,
 > Tim
 >     smb.conf:# Samba config file created using SWAT
 >              # Date: 2003/02/19 10:54:34
 >              # Global parameters
 >              [global]
 >                  workgroup = Name_Of_My_Workgroup
 >                  server string = Samba %v on %h
 >                  security = SERVER
 >                  encrypt passwords = Yes
 >                  map to guest = Bad User        <-- used and not
used this
 > option
 >                  password server = #PDC-Address# #BDC-Address#
 >                  username map = /usr/local/samba/lib/username.map
 >                  log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.samba
 >                  max log size = 50
 >                  printcap name = /etc/samba-printcap
 >                  os level = 10
 >                  preferred master = False
 >                  local master = No
 >                  domain master = False
 >                  dns proxy = No
 >                  wins server = #Primary-WINs-Address#
 >                  guest account = ftp     <-- local acct & I also
tried lp
 > account
 >                  hosts allow = ###.###. ###.###. 127.   ###=2
subnets at my
 > site
 >                  printing = bsd
 >              [printers]
 >                  comment = All Printers
 >                  path = /var/spool/pc-spool     <-- priv=rwxrwxrwt
 >                  read only = No
 >                  guest ok = Yes
 >                  printable = Yes
 >                  browseable = No
 > --
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At 04:44 PM 3/4/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>my problem is to access a shared printer with samba on my WindowsXP 
>When I browse thru my network with Explorer, I can see the shared printer.
>When I double-clic on the printer, Windows XP ask me if I want to install it.
>I choose the right driver and click "OK".
>The installation begin and there is no error in the installation.
>After the installation Windows XP open the printer's printing queue to show
>the printer's status, but in the window's title there is this notice:
>"Access denied, Cannot connect to printer"
>I would like to know how I can get rid of this problem please.
>This work really well in Windows 98 but not on XP.
>Here is my smb.conf (attached file), let me know if you find something to 
>find this problem
>Note: 2.2.4 is the version of samba I use
>JBerthiaume at gniinc.net
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