[Samba] Acces Denied to shared printer on linux using Windows XP

Jonny Berthiaume jberthiaume at gniinc.net
Tue Mar 4 21:44:55 GMT 2003


my problem is to access a shared printer with samba on my WindowsXP workstation

When I browse thru my network with Explorer, I can see the shared printer.
When I double-clic on the printer, Windows XP ask me if I want to install it.
I choose the right driver and click "OK".
The installation begin and there is no error in the installation.
After the installation Windows XP open the printer's printing queue to show 
the printer's status, but in the window's title there is this notice:

"Access denied, Cannot connect to printer"

I would like to know how I can get rid of this problem please.
This work really well in Windows 98 but not on XP.

Here is my smb.conf (attached file), let me know if you find something to find this problem

Note: 2.2.4 is the version of samba I use

JBerthiaume at gniinc.net

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