[Samba] Profiles and home directory - Samba PDC

AlF ddkh at libero.it
Tue Mar 4 11:17:58 GMT 2003

Nick Gale wrote:
> I have sucessfully got a windows 2K machine to join the domain but I can not
> get it to run a logon script, map the drive letter to the home directory or
> create a roaming profile. All my smb.conf setting look correct as per the
> samples and How To's so I'm stuck!
> smb.conf is as follows:
> # Global parameters
> [global]
> 	netbios name = LINUX1


> 	logon path = \\Lunux1\profiles\%U
smb.conf error or you made a mistake when you edited your message to the 
BTW...Check permissions on your /home/netlogon directory, as well as on 
your logon.bat (it should be executable).
Moreover, that batch must be in a MSDOD form: every line must end with 

Good luck :)

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