[Samba] Problem of access samba from rh8

Patrick Kwan pat at pat.dyndns.info
Tue Mar 4 01:44:16 GMT 2003

Hi Steve,

I do another test today, I changed my desktop to Gnome and use "Nautilus"
to access the samba server, I can access all shares this times.

It show that some wrong with the KDE's Konqueror or something else, I will
search the KDE's website wheather it's known problems or only my problem.

Right now, I'm using LinuxNeihgbourhood to browse the network and access
shares because I like to use KDE Desktop.


> Hey Patrick,
> I have a similar issue that I have reported here before but I never got
> an  answer.
> The only difference I see between what you describe and what I see, is
> that I get an error dialog saying:
> You do not have sufficient permission to view <Share>. This is strange
> to  me since I appear to log on OK because I can see all the shares but
> I get  this message when I try to access one of them.
> I'm using RH8 with all the latest updates and these samba rpms
> samba-common-2.2.7-2
> samba-2.2.7-2
> samba-client-2.2.7-2
> I haven't had time to investigate this further so I would be interested
> in  anything that you find out.
> Steve.
> On 2003.03.02 20:45 Patrick Kwan wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I already setup a samba server as PDC for windows client to logon and
>> working fine now with the following config:
>> - redhat 7.3
>> - samba 2.2.7a
>> Then I try to access the samba share from Redhat 8, I can use
>> smbclient to
>> access the share without problem but I can't access the share with
>> "KDE's Konqueror" (smb://NetbiosName/), it can show all shares, when I
>> double one
>> of share, it can show the login dialogue box, then I enter the correct
>> username and password but nothing displayed, it seem to try connecting
>> the
>> share.
>> So, I check the samba.log file, but it show that the user is connected
>> to the service successfully.
>> Any body have this issue before?
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