[Samba] Moving Files between file systems

Garcia, Orlando ogarcia at MPCProducts.com
Mon Mar 3 15:13:34 GMT 2003

Esteemed Samba Users,
We have a Samba (2.2.3a) server running on an HP (HP/UX 11i) box and we are
running into a little problem. We currently have a large amount of files
that reside on an NT box that we would like to move to a Samba share (Aprox.
80 GIG worth). The problem seems to be with the mangling of the files. Any
time we try to move a file samba generates a mangled equivalent. If we turn
mangling off it still generates a unique file. In both cases the file are
only 1 kb and can be deleted. However when trying to move this much data you
can see where this can become a problem. There is quite a large number of
directories with very large long names. Will this also be an issue?. Any
guidance would be appreciated.
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