[Samba] server side printers

Tor Bechmann Sørensen tor at studentergaarden.dk
Sat Mar 1 22:00:37 GMT 2003

Thanks again for your reply. I did read the part you mention. I did
understand how to make the print$ share. The docs are clear on this part.

I can now specify my question a bit more: what to do from there on to put
the nessecary files in that share?

I am not using windows myself, but my users are. The instructions given in the doc you mention seems to be applicable
only if you have a NT server from which you want to upload drivers, or?
The printer in question is a HP Laserjet 5M, and lpr is used for handling
printjobs from samba. Do I need to collect files from windows installation
cds and manually copy them to the share? What should I call the folder in
which I put drivers for WindowsXP? I assume that I can replace @ntadmin
with my own account name, or? And how will the printer installation wizard
look to my users afterwards?

Tor Bechmann Sorensen

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