[Samba] preserving unix->win file permissions for backup via samba?

Martin A. Brown mabrown-samba at securepipe.com
Sat Mar 1 21:30:43 GMT 2003

How about a different solution:

( cd / ; tar cvzf /path/to/samba/share/etc-$( date +%Y-%m-%d ).tar.gz etc/ )

Then backup the tarball on your windows box.  Now you have all of the file
permissions stored inside the tarball.....

The problem is that file permissions on Windows and UNIX don't map neatly
into each other.

Good luck,


 : I am having difficulty in try to preserve permissions on Unix files that
 : are copied from the samba server onto a Windows98 system, and then copied
 : again via samba back to an 'upload' directory on the samba server.
 : Specifically, I am sharing "/etc" (samba read only) for backup purposes,
 : and while logged in as "root" on the windows system, I can drag and drop
 : these files to the Windows desktop to back them up.  How can I copy them
 : back to the server via samba and still preserve their original unix
 : permissions?
 : 1. Do the files retain their permissions while they sit on a Win98/Fat32
 : file system?  Will a NTFS partition help?
 : I see that my unix umask is "0022" and so all of the files I copy (create)
 : in the samba 'upload' directory inherit -rwxr--r-- perms.  When I set my
 : unix umask to "0000" then the files inherit ---------- perms (bad!).  What
 : can I do?
 : I tried playing with "create mask", "security mask", "directory mask", etc...
 : thanks, peace
 : Brian

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