[Samba] preserving unix->win file permissions for backup via samba?

bwiese bwiese at cotse.net
Sat Mar 1 19:44:56 GMT 2003

I am having difficulty in try to preserve permissions on Unix files that
are copied from the samba server onto a Windows98 system, and then copied
again via samba back to an 'upload' directory on the samba server.

Specifically, I am sharing "/etc" (samba read only) for backup purposes,
and while logged in as "root" on the windows system, I can drag and drop
these files to the Windows desktop to back them up.  How can I copy them
back to the server via samba and still preserve their original unix

1. Do the files retain their permissions while they sit on a Win98/Fat32
file system?  Will a NTFS partition help?

I see that my unix umask is "0022" and so all of the files I copy (create)
in the samba 'upload' directory inherit -rwxr--r-- perms.  When I set my
unix umask to "0000" then the files inherit ---------- perms (bad!).  What
can I do?

I tried playing with "create mask", "security mask", "directory mask", etc...

thanks, peace

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