[Samba] preexec, logging, and my problem

Jack Mendez jmendez at vips4kids.org
Mon Jun 30 13:45:50 GMT 2003

okay so after trying a bit to understand how all of this works i think i 
need a bit more support.
thanks to joel, my problem where users can log on multiple times looks like 
it has a solution.
to prevent this, he outlined a process by which one can monitor the process 
IDs of samba users, then user smbstatus grep for that user, find the 
process id, and then do whatever i want with them.
in this case prevent the second user from logging in.
now a script was provided which grabs the variables for each samba user i 
have almost no experience with scripting this complex so i don't really 
understand it.
particularly the bits about storing values of some kind.
there were some concerns about security and how it was set.
the security setting in my samba config is set to user.
so, could someone explain this again?
how does the script which stores variables work, how would one use it to 
get the appropriate information for my problem?
how does the information from the dump which the script provides relate to 
the smbstatus command, and finally i know grep can be used the retreve the 
appropriate information from the files, once i have it killing the process 
would just terminate the login? not sure.

thanks joel for all your help but i am kinda new to this so its a bit 

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