[Samba] problems with ae, oe, ue etc.

Denis Heitbrock heitbrockd at schlick.de
Mon Jun 30 12:33:29 GMT 2003


i got some problems with the words ä (=ae), ü (=ue), ö (=oe) etc. on a
redhat 9.0 with samba 2.2.8a-1.
when i create a dir on a share with this words like "prüfen" (=pruefen) i
can access the dir.
when i try to access the dir over a ssh session the dir is called "pr?fen".

is there a way to enable ä, ü, ö etc? maybe after a backup the dirs are not
correctly backuped or restored after a crash.
i think some days or weeks ago here also posted something like my problem
but i dont find it because i dont know the keywords for it.

thxxx for help.

denis heitbrock

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