[Samba] Strange and serious problems on 2.2.2

Doug Poland doug at polands.org
Mon Jun 30 12:29:21 GMT 2003

I've had 2.2.2 running fine on a FreeBSD system (4.8) for 18 months.
Last week, Windows 2000 users started complaining about slow response
and "weird" error messages when trying to open files located on the
samba server.   I perused the logs and saw nothing unusual.  As the
week progressed, the problems became more frequent and now the windows
clients cannot successfully open files on the samba server.

Several of the windows clients attempt to launch .exe files from the
samba server and I see in the logs:


But this doesn't happen every time.  As soon as the client attempts to
launch an .exe, Windows 2000 throws a GPF error.  This is consistent
across all Win2K boxes on the network trying to launch .exe files.

I also see many messages like this:


Sorry for the lack of precision in my description.  Frankly, Samba has
run like a champ for me for years and I've never experienced a problem
like this.  

I've restarted the daemon and even rebooted the server but to no
avail.  Can anyone help me out here or point me in the right


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