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Thu Jun 26 20:16:36 GMT 2003

in Germany ther are many projects special for 
school, kindergardens etc
here is one side you can look on they make a special samba distro for
sorry but all is in german , but i am sure the webadmin does have english
faqs for you

> Pardon me for asking this general question with regards to Samba but I've
> been searching and haven't found a source that would answer my question.
> Is there some site, list, etc, that lists companies, schools, etc, who
> have volunteered information that they use Samba in their day-to-day
> operations?
> This would be of great interest to us as it would show Linux/Samba to be a
> viable solution instead of going exclusively with a Windows-server-based
> setup.
> TIA,
> Marion D. Haines
> Network Administrator
> Board of County Commissioners
> Brevard County, Florida
> ================================== 
> EMail:  marion.haines at brevardcounty.us
> Phone: 321-617-7398
> ================================== 
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