[Samba] Multiple domains, one PDC

Jay Winks Jay.Winks at teksouth.com
Thu Jun 26 20:16:26 GMT 2003

I know this has to be frequently asked, but I haven't found enough info to strike out on my own and do it right myself. I'm somewhat rusty in regards to Samba. I haven't used the server since 1999 or so. I want to use a single server to be PDC for several NT/2000 type domains. Can this be done effectively, and, if so, what is the *right* way to proceed. Bear in mind that I'm wanting to be fairly ambitious with this... I want to try to integrate LDAP/S and even possibly MS Exchange without syncing two separate stores of accounts (i.e., a SAMBA SAM and an NT SAM). Am I on crack or is it in the realm of possibility?


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