[Samba] User home dirs

Chris Shafer wcshafer at cablespeed.com
Wed Jun 25 01:50:25 GMT 2003

Hello all,

I have a couple of questions about using the user home directories. Is 
it nesscary to keep the smbpasswd file in sync with the passwd file. 
When user level securitiy is turned on. From what I have been able to 
figure out is that these files do not automagically sync up and that the 
only real way to keep them in sync is to do it manually, unforutaly 
from what I have been able to gather this also requires knowing the 
users password and if the change it using unix these changes will not 
be reflected in the smbpasswd file. Is there away to keep these files in 
sync and I'm just unable to find it in the documentaion (I read through 
almost all of the documentaion available on the samba.org website).

Or maybe you can provide a better solution to my problem. I'm in the 
process of setting up a linux file server for my old highschools web 
design and typeing class. The way I have it set up so far is that each 
user gets a unix username and a entry added to the smbpasswd file. Using 
a litle perl program I hacked together (toad.net/~cshafer/addstudent). 
Is there a better way to do this (ldap maybe?)?

Chris Shafer

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