[Samba] Samba 3.0.0beta1 box drops out of ADS network periodically.

Clint Byrum cbyrum at spamaps.org
Tue Jun 24 21:22:49 GMT 2003

Hi guys, first let me say, great work on Samba 3.0. I've been using the
beta, and even the pre-betas in some semi production environments for a
few months now without any problems.

Upon putting Samba 3.0 on a fresh RedHat 9.0 machine, I am having some
difficulties. I joined the machine to the local Win2k managed domain
with 'net ADS join', and all was good for a while. Everybody could go
right to the box, and those who had an account on the box could get to
their files. I am not using winbind.

After a couple of days though, the win2k and XP users (there are no
WinNT or 9x clients) started getting an error. It would say "A device
attached to the system is not functioning properly". This puzzled me, as
with my Linux boxes I could attach without any problems (all using
smbclient 3.0).

After flailing around a bit, I decided to re-join the domain. Instantly,
all became well again. Then a day or two later the same thing happened.

At this point, I'm running net ADS join every morning, and considering
running it in a nightly cron job. This seems pretty stupid to me, so I
ask you all. Any ideas what might cause this? I'm willing to provide
logs, but at this point I've got a ton and a half of logs and no idea
which ones would be useful.


Clint Byrum <cbyrum at spamaps.org>

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