[Samba] LDAP + SAMBA...about to give up...

tpham at viettre.net tpham at viettre.net
Mon Jun 23 14:19:08 GMT 2003

Hello, everyone.

I apologize if this question is already asked before, and I'm sure that 
it did and I also found them in in the Archive, but none of them can 
resolve my issue that I'm having.  Anyway, I installed Samba beta1 from 
RPM for Redhat 8.0 with LDAP newest version 2.1.21.  I got my LDAP up and 
running, also got SAMBA to talk to LDAP just fine.  Created root (as 
Admin) users, and some other several users.  I also created the following 
groups using net groupmap command, and this is the dump.

System Operators (S-1-5-32-549) -> domso
Replicators (S-1-5-32-552) -> domrep
Guests (S-1-5-32-546) -> domg
Power Users (S-1-5-32-547) -> dompu
Domain Users (S-1-5-21-783284980-1158383531-2750713796-513) -> domdu
Domain Admins (S-1-5-21-783284980-1158383531-2750713796-512) -> domadm
Domain Guests (S-1-5-21-783284980-1158383531-2750713796-514) -> domdg
Print Operators (S-1-5-32-550) -> dompo
Account Operators (S-1-5-32-548) -> domao
Backup Operators (S-1-5-32-551) -> dombo
Users (S-1-5-32-545) -> domu

Also this is the dump for pdbedit -L -v root:

Entry found for user: root
Unix username:        root
NT username:          root
Account Flags:        [U          ]
User SID:             S-1-5-21-2422541079-1097910024-471466596-1000
Primary Group SID:    S-1-5-21-2422541079-1097910024-471466596-1001
Full Name:            root
Home Directory:       \\mymasterserver\root
HomeDir Drive:        
Logon Script:         .bat
Profile Path:         \\mymasterserver\Profiles\root
Domain:               MYHOMEDOMAIN
Account desc:         
Munged dial:          
Logon time:           0
Logoff time:          Mon, 18 Jan 2038 21:14:07 GMT
Kickoff time:         Mon, 18 Jan 2038 21:14:07 GMT
Password last set:    Sun, 22 Jun 2003 00:49:45 GMT
Password can change:  Sun, 22 Jun 2003 00:49:45 GMT
Password must change: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 00:49:45 GMT

Ok, everything seems just fine, right.  Now I went into my XPs and 
disable the sigorseal and securechannel registry stuff.  Then I tried to 
join the DOMAIN and typed in root as username and password, then I got an 
error saying "The specified user does not exist".  I check the log files 
and it reported that authentication for root is successful.  Now after 
the error, I checked LDAP tree, and the XP computer name was also added 
in there just fine.  I am clueless/hopeless on what else to do next.  I 
tried everything I could to find any solution but no luck.  Please help, 
if you can provide any HOWTO or up-2-date tutorials on SAMBA+LDAP I would 
really apreciate it.  I tried the other HOWTO but the seem to be out 
dated now.

Thanks for your help.

And here's my smb.conf:


# LDAP Stuff here
passdb backend = ldapsam
#passdb backend = ldapsam smbpasswd guest
ldap suffix = dc=mydomain,dc=net
ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers,o=smb
ldap user suffix = ou=Users,o=smb
ldap group suffix = ou=Groups,o=smb
ldap admin dn = "cn=Manager,dc=mydomain,dc=net"
ldap ssl = no
admin users = root @domadm
idmap uid = 10000-15000
idmap gid = 10000-15000
log level = 3
# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name
   workgroup = MYHOMEDOMAIN
   netbios name = MYMASTERSERVER

..and other basic/default stuff.

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