[Samba] Samba & Terminal Services / Citrix

DOELKER,RAINER (HP-Germany,ex2) rainer.doelker at hp.com
Mon Jun 23 12:51:23 GMT 2003

Hi Brad and Drew,

one statement to the thread of yours in the samba-list:
yes, terminal-server on NT had the switch to make the terminal use one
virtual connect for each terminal-server-client. windows 2000 does not have
the registry entry any more.

so what happens is you might face the situation that you cannot connect all
  [2003/03/10 10:38:35, 1] smbd/conn.c:(102)
   ERROR! Out of connection structures [2003/03/10 10:38:35, 0]
  Couldn't find free connection. 

This is a fix value in the sources smbd/conn.c: 

so if you have 40 terminal clients connecting 4 samba-shares (= 160
connections on one smbd) that would not match. Change the value to e.g. 256
and recompile your samba.

Note: if you have to many connections to one smbd it might affect the

There is suggestion to make this a smb.conf configurable (max connections
per client) but thats not yet accepted.

hope that helps
Kind regards.

Rainer Doelker
Rainer Dölker   Linux-Unix-Competency-Center
Hewlett Packard

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