[Samba] roaming profiles on beta samba3 as pdc

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Sun Jun 22 19:37:36 GMT 2003

Hi @ll,
can someone enlight me ,
i could log in the domain and profiles are created well on samba, but after
second login, win client says 
i cannot copy //linux/Profiles/testuser to  c:\Dokument ...
so its starts with local copy
after login i am able to browse the Profiles share on samba but if i wanna
open a files the client makes a explorer failure , it seems to me that this is
a permission problem but chmod -R 0777 /var/lib/samba/profiles
does not have any succes to the problem
mapping of home Z works very well, but if i store the the profile to the
home share if got same problem

i found no descript of  profile acls = Yes, what is that?

here is the smb.conf part which should be related to the problem

    #    logon script = login.bat
        logon drive = Z:
        logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U
        logon home = \\%L\%U
        comment = Home Directories
        valid users = %S
        read only = No
        browseable = No
        comment = Network Logon Service
        path = /var/lib/samba/netlogon
        admin users = root
        guest ok = Yes
        nt acl support = No
        browseable = No
        blocking locks = No
        csc policy = disable
        locking = No
        oplocks = No
        level2 oplocks = No
        posix locking = No
        strict locking = No
        share modes = No
        comment = Roaming Profile Share
        path = /var/lib/samba/profiles
        read only = No
        profile acls = Yes
Best Regards from sunny hot munich

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